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We leave Marseilles towards the midday. The happiness was reigning on board. About seven o'clock in the afternoon, as we were entering León's Gulf the sea it(he,she) began to curl. Several passengers proved to be anxious, but the captain Cayol was straining in calming them.

-Bah, he said. Do not be afraid of anything!. I have seen others as this one and tomorrow, on 5 a.m. we will see Algiers " the white one ".

It was supped on.

About 11 p.m. I returned to my berth, which was occupying with another traveler. For my part, it(he,she) was experiencing a certain worry(restlessness), since the sea was worsening moment to moment.

This is not at all!, my companion of berth said to me; I have done more than thirty times the voyage, it(he,she) can sleep calmly.

To the end(purpose), I fell asleep.

Suddenly, it could be four o'clock of the morning. I woke up startled. To tell the truth I neither heard anything nor felt it; but a terrible foreboding me warned that a danger was threatening me. We are in danger, I thought. Why? I ignore it....

Marcel Bodez's declarations to "Le Matin"


"...The coast North of Minorca, steep and abrupt, just illuminated by Cavalleria's beacon from the year 1857, has been along the history scene(stage) of big shipwrecks, one of the most important and almost undoubtedly most known about all it there was that of the French steam Général Chanzy..."

Antoni Pico Vivó "En el 75 aniversary del Vapor Général Chanzy"